Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance


1. We have extensive experience in risk assessments in the international forwarding and logistics market in Eastern European countries. Our qualified managers rapidly assess the cost of insurance of any cargo.

2. We offer profitable insurance rates. This is mostly due to the great number of orders. At the same time, the quality remains at a constantly high level.

3. Our managers assist in the organization of the damaged cargo inspection and subsequent settlement of claims. We hold talks with the insurance company for the prompt payment of compensation.

4. We render our clients free consulting support on insurance and settlement of claims.

5. In order to prevent financial losses, we insure our own risks arising when servicing customers.

6. We offer a flexible system of discounts for the customers constantly using our insurance service.

7. In order to solve problems correctly upon the occurrence of the insured event, we provide customers with written instructions in advance.

Transport insurance is intended to compensate for various types of damage that occurred during the whole transportation process.

We guarantee that your goods will be insured all the way through to delivery. The cargo is insured based on the invoice cost and the export declaration. The cost of insurance differs depending on the type of transport, cost of goods, route and other factors.

Significantly that in the case of an insured event the carrier liability insurance (CMR-insurance) does not cover all the losses. This fact must be taken into account when transporting valuable cargoes. In this case, we always offer our customers to obtain the additional insurance against all risks at the client’s request.

We collaborate only with the reliable insurance companies.

Contact us in a convenient way and our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions!

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